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Broken Adrift
Our Price: $2.00

By Gwen E. Zwickel and Scott A. McLaughlin
This delightful coloring book is adapted from a story written by author Charles Barnard (1838-1920). Twelve-year-old Eliza Hamilton lived aboard the Erie Canal boat Betsey Jane, traveling the waters of the Hudson River, the St Lawrence River, and all the way west to Buffalo, NY. One day Betsey and her baby brother were spending a quiet evening aboard the boat, rafted together with a dozen others in a tow, when she noticed that everything was more still than it should be. She went up on deck to investigate, and she did not see any other boats – she was adrift!
20pp. Softcover 2005
Constellation Finder
Our Price: $4.95

Written by Dorcas S. Miller

A guide to patterns in the night sky, with star stories from around the world. People around the world, and through the centuries, from the ancient Egyptians to the Pomo of California, have given names to the patterns they see in the night sky. The latest book in the Finders series of pocket guides introduces constellations from many cultures, and shows how to find them in the sky. With hints for stargazing, seasonal star maps, and constellation profiles; heavily illustrated by the author.

2005, Softcover, 62 pages
Track Finder
Our Price: $4.95

Written byDorcas Miller

Pocket guide to mammal tracks. Includes keys to print shapes and track patterns, discussion of scat and other signs, habitat information, range maps, and drawings of the animals and their tracks. For identifying tracks in mud or snow. Covers the eastern half of U.S. and Canada.

1981, Softcover, 60 pages
Raptors of Eastern North America
Our Price: $7.95

This folding guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know: 27 species of eagles, hawks, falcons, kites, vultures, and harriers- both common and exotic- found east of the Rockies; and indestructible waterproof lamination.
Land Mammals of the Northeast
Our Price: $7.95

This folding guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know:

Range includes: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota; 44 species covered in detail, both common and exotic; Includes track illustrations, complete with dimensions; indestructible waterproof lamination.
Tools and Gadgets
Our Price: $7.95

By Bobbie Kalman

This book from the "Historic Communities" series helps the reader identify gadgets used in the past by farmers, millers, woodworkers, metalworkers, doctors and printers.

32 pp. Softcover.
The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal
Our Price: $7.99

Written by Cheryl Harness
A fascinating and fun filled trip depicts the amusing construction and workings of the Erie Canal. Children from grades 2-6 will delight in the fascinating details and illustrations.

32 pp. Softcover 1999
A Maritime History of Vermont
Our Price: $8.00

Written by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Specially written for Vermont students of all grade levels, this book examines the history of Vermont from the perspective of the water, lakes, rivers and streams which have collectively produced its maritime history.
1999, Softcover,107 pp.
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Lake Champlain Lighthouses
Our Price: $8.00

This lovely paperback includes drawings of each lighthouse and a detailed description of the history and location of the lighthouses on Lake Champlain. Paperback 34 pp.
Rules of the Road and Running Light Patterns: A Captain's Quick Guide
Our Price: $8.95

This is the essential information every boater needs - onboard and at your fingertips. This on-the-spot reference is ideal for boaters who need a convenient, accessible, and utterly streamlined information resource. Compact, waterproof, and nearly indestructible.