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Broken Adrift
Our Price: $2.00

By Gwen E. Zwickel and Scott A. McLaughlin
This delightful coloring book is adapted from a story written by author Charles Barnard (1838-1920). Twelve-year-old Eliza Hamilton lived aboard the Erie Canal boat Betsey Jane, traveling the waters of the Hudson River, the St Lawrence River, and all the way west to Buffalo, NY. One day Betsey and her baby brother were spending a quiet evening aboard the boat, rafted together with a dozen others in a tow, when she noticed that everything was more still than it should be. She went up on deck to investigate, and she did not see any other boats – she was adrift!
20pp. Softcover 2005
Dichotomous Key to the Common Fishes of Lake Champlain
Our Price: $9.98

Written by Matt Witten.
This softcover book is a fun and easy way to identify and discover the fishes of Lake Champlain. It offers a step-by-step way to determine which family, genus or species of fish one is looking at, plus a little information about each fish's characteristics, behavior and habitat. The book measures 5 by 8 inches.
1996, 28 pages, softcover
Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain
Our Price: $14.95

By Daniel Lusk
In this new collection of poems, Vermont poet Daniel Lusk ponders the lake region's storied prehistory, recalls maritime tragedies, and evokes underwater mysteries and ancient lore in language meant to enrich the experience of readers of poetry as well as of those familiar with the dramatic beauty of Lake Champlain. Richly illustrated with color photos, the poems are imaginative works that derive their veracity from archival and published works by historians, archeologists, marine biologists and other scientists.

The book is the product of the poet's two-year research and writing project, funded by grants from the Vermont Arts Endowment and the University of Vermont, and supported by LCMM.

96pp. Softcover. 2011.

NEW! Poet Daniel Lusk reads 19 of his poems on the audiobook Inland Sea: Reflections.
Through the Eyes of Custer Ingham
Our Price: $14.95

Through the Eyes of Custer Ingham: A Special Presentation of his Art
Custer Ingham, 1863-1931, was a Vergennes artist who captured the waterways and rural character of Addison County, Vermont in a very special way. This catalog of his paintings was produced in conjunction with an exhibit of selected works at the Lake Champlain Mariitme Museum. Compiled by curators and collectors William Benton and Greg Hamilton with contributions by many others. Published by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
45pp. Softcover, 2010.
Canal Canaries and Other Tough Old Birds
Our Price: $15.00

By Russell Van Dervoort
This fascinating family memoir chronicles the lives of a successful and hard-working New York State canal family, the Van Dervoorts. Author Russell W. D. Van Dervoort's family has worked the New York State waterways for two centuries -- since the dawn of steam technology and Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont. This work is richly illustrated with well over one hundred photographs, original documents, and diary entries from the Van Dervoort family. They captained tugboats on the Hudson River and Erie Canal, lived year-round on the water, and witnessed countless changes, from slow mule-driven tows to the massive diesel-powered barges of the twentieth century Champlain Barge Canal. Published by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. 152pp. Softcover, 2010
Champlain Tech: Naval and Military Technology of the 1609 Lake Champlain Expedition
Our Price: $16.00

By Frederick M. Wiseman Samuel de Champlain's voyage to Lake Champlain with sixty Indigenous companions in July, 1609, stood at a decisive corner in technological history. When Champlain confronted the Iroquois that summer 400 years ago, he bore body armor and sword at the culmination of nine hundred years of European technological development. He also carried the primitive gun that ended it all. His Native allies, with their highly developed rod and slat body armor, sophisticated composite articulated shields, and massed frontal battle formations, were also at the twilight of technical development, about to be swept aside in the cover and concealment strategy of the Colonial Wars. In the final analysis, the multifaceted knowledge- and skills-based material system that went to Lake Champlain is as important to our understanding of how Lake Champlain was discovered as is the understanding of Champlain's character or French policy. 2009, Softcover, 82pp.
Baseline 1609
Our Price: $16.00

Baseline 1609: Unexpected Elegance of the Indigenous Northeast
By Frederick M. Wiseman, PhD
A comprehensive review of the unexpectedly elegant culture of the people who greeted Champlain and other explorers along the St. Lawrence River. The early seventeenth century Wabanakis and their neighbors were socially and technologically sophisticated communities bound together, both politically and economically, by a great alliance with their neighbors. Heretofore unpublished graphics and artifacts complement the text.
Published by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. 2010, Softcover, 102pp.
The Inland Sea: Reflections
Our Price: $17.95

The Inland Sea: Reflections – new Audio Book of Lake Poetry by Daniel Lusk published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

The latest collaboration between Vermont poet Daniel Lusk and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has produced the audio book Inland Sea: Reflections. “The Inland Sea,” an old name for the broad lake east of the Champlain Islands, evokes the connection the poet hopes to make between what lies beneath the waters, and our inner selves. In the audio book, Lusk reads 19 recent poems inspired by more than two years of research, interviews with divers, exploring the discoveries of archaeologists, marine biologists, geologists, historians and folklorists – and his own experiences on the lake in all weather.

“Science is not the antithesis of wonder,” muses Lusk, “Indeed, wonder is often what prompts scientific inquiry.” His own fascination with Lake Champlain’s titanic eons of geological evolution, and millennia of natural and human history launched Lusk’s Lake Champlain research and writing project, funded by grants from the Vermont Arts Endowment and UVM. The resulting 37 poems were published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in 2011 in the volume Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain.

A naturalist and singer as well as writer, Lusk now shares these poems about the lake and its creatures in a personal and intimate recording, inviting us to welcome this melding of knowledge, mystery and lore into our own experience and inner lives. A Senior Lecturer in English Emeritus of the University of Vermont, Lusk is available for poetry readings, workshops, and master classes in poetry writing and teaching. Lusk can be reached at .

Inland Sea: Reflections
1 Introduction (:35)
2 A Note to the Listener (1:19)
3 Prelude (:49)
4 Story (1:14)
5 Drowned Lands (1:30)
6 People (1:30)
7 Nocturne (1:30)
8 Nighthawks (1:08)
9 Vessel (3:15)
10 Lake Apparition (2:56)
11 Hither (1:35)
12 Au Clair de la Lune (3:13)
13 Roa, Rabbit (3:25)
14 Backroom of the Alchemist (1:09)
15 Etude (1:34)
16 Souls by Water (3:01)
17 Lepistoste Osseux (0:00)
18 Diaptomus among the Daphnia (2:33)
19 Salon Noir (:58)
20 Seeing the Bottom Off Thompson’s Point (:33)
21 Sunset on Malletts Bay (1:20)

Total Playing Time: 35 minutes

Lake Champlain. Through stunning historical images from the archives of Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and other regional collections, Lake Champlain tells the story of this busy commercial corridor and pastoral recreational destination.
Lake Champlain
Our Price: $21.99

Researched, written, and complied by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

Nestled between the Adirondacks of New York and Vermont’s Green Mountains, Lake Champlain offers 120 miles of tranquil beauty with a rich, bustling history. Picturesque waterfront communities established in the 18th century recall the era when the Champlain Valley’s natural resources—iron, lumber, granite, marble, and potash—were shipped to distant ports on lake sloops and schooners. By the early 19th century, Lake Champlain was connected with the canals of New York and Quebec, and the resulting economic boom lasted for 100 years. Apples, hay, bricks, and finished goods were shipped on thousands of workaday canal boats that were also floating family homes. Massive steamboats carried travelers and tourists drawn to the fresh country air, and lakefront camps sprang up everywhere. Automobiles traveled over Lake Champlain on ferries and bridges. Through stunning historical images from the archives of Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and other regional collections, Lake Champlain tells the story of this busy commercial corridor and pastoral recreational destination. Published by Arcadia Publishing, as part of their Images of America Series.

128 pages, softcover.

Life on a Canal Boat: The Journals of Theodore D. Bartley, 1861-1889
Our Price: $22.50

New Edition! Now with an extensive index.
Capt. Theodore Bartley, owner of three Lake Champlain canal boats, kept a fascinating journal of his life from 1861 to 1889 on the canals and waterways of the Northeast. His travels included voyages north to Ottawa, west to Buffalo, and south to Philadelphia. His journal entries range from dramatic tales of near-sinkings during gales on Lake Champlain to descriptions of the lives of ordinary people during the late 19th century. Bartley witnessed history in the making, and his journals provide an intimate portrait of the life of a canal boat family crisscrossing America during a period of extraordinary change. These journals were transcribed by Theodore Bartley's great grand-daughter-in-law Barbara B. Bartley, and annotated by noted historian and archaeologist Russell P. Bellico, PhD. This new edition (2008) now contains an extensive index.
320pp. Softcover 2008