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Tools and Gadgets
Our Price: $7.95

By Bobbie Kalman

This book from the "Historic Communities" series helps the reader identify gadgets used in the past by farmers, millers, woodworkers, metalworkers, doctors and printers.

32 pp. Softcover.
Champlain Tech: Naval and Military Technology of the 1609 Lake Champlain Expedition
Our Price: $16.00

By Frederick M. Wiseman Samuel de Champlain's voyage to Lake Champlain with sixty Indigenous companions in July, 1609, stood at a decisive corner in technological history. When Champlain confronted the Iroquois that summer 400 years ago, he bore body armor and sword at the culmination of nine hundred years of European technological development. He also carried the primitive gun that ended it all. His Native allies, with their highly developed rod and slat body armor, sophisticated composite articulated shields, and massed frontal battle formations, were also at the twilight of technical development, about to be swept aside in the cover and concealment strategy of the Colonial Wars. In the final analysis, the multifaceted knowledge- and skills-based material system that went to Lake Champlain is as important to our understanding of how Lake Champlain was discovered as is the understanding of Champlain's character or French policy. 2009, Softcover, 82pp.
Baseline 1609
Our Price: $16.00

Baseline 1609: Unexpected Elegance of the Indigenous Northeast
By Frederick M. Wiseman, PhD
A comprehensive review of the unexpectedly elegant culture of the people who greeted Champlain and other explorers along the St. Lawrence River. The early seventeenth century Wabanakis and their neighbors were socially and technologically sophisticated communities bound together, both politically and economically, by a great alliance with their neighbors. Heretofore unpublished graphics and artifacts complement the text.
Published by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. 2010, Softcover, 102pp.
Tale of Three Gunboats: Lake Champlain’s Revolutionary War Heritage
Our Price: $25.00

Written by Philip K. Lundeberg, Arthur B. Cohn, Jennifer Jones
This colorful and engaging book begins in 1776 when the Champlain Valley was a pivotal location in the American war for independence. The dramatic story continues as the present generation grapples with the challenges of management and stewardship of the shipwrecks that provide tangible connections to the nation’s founding.

Chronicles of Lake George
Our Price: $29.00

Russell P. Bellico
Chronicles of Lake George draws from the diaries, journals, and guidebooks of the early travelers to the region. The individuals who were dispatched to the lake during the eighteenth-century wars witnessed history unfolding, while others traveled as tourists during the nineteenth century. The stories told by the journal keepers represent personal glimpses into their lives and the historic occurrences of the day. Bellico weaves these tales together to form a fascinating journey.
416pp. Softcover, 1995.
Sails and Steam in the Mountains: A Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain
Our Price: $29.00

By Russell Bellico
No lakes have a greater claim to American history than Lake George and Lake Champlain. In this richly illustrated account, historian and diver Russell Bellico moves through the military and commercial periods on these strategic lakes, drawing from historic accounts and images, shipwrecks, and other submerged cultural material.
"Bellico's book meticulously traces the history of these two lakes. In all of this material Bellico presents much primary data as well as a complex synthesis of events. . .the volume also offers copious textual and citation footnotes and additional page-end comments...Exquisite photographs provide a counterpoint to the historical illustrations in the text." -- American Neptune: A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History 2001, Softcover, 396 pages,
Major Philip M. Ulmer
Major Philip M. Ulmer: A Hero of the American Revolution
Our Price: $34.99

Patricia M. Hubert
The Revolutionary War is filled with stories of bravery, but many of its heroes have remained unknown. Major Philip Ulmer, captain of the gunboat Spitfire, is one of those heroes. He first enlisted as a sergeant in the Massachusetts militia in 1775 and rose through the ranks through his exemplary leadership, courage and devotion to duty. He was involved in almost every major event in the North, including the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Siege of Boston, the Battle of Lake Champlain, the Penobscot Expedition and the battles at Trenton, Princeton, and Saratoga. He served under the command of many well-known generals, including Washington, Lafayette, Arnold, Gates and Knox. After the war, Ulmer forged a business partnership with Knox in Lincolnville, Maine, and was an original founder of that town. He answered the call of duty again during the War of 1812 as an intelligence officer with the local militia defending Penobscot Bay. discover this remarkable history of a long-overshadowed American hero.

2014. Softcover, 761 pages.
Bark Canoes: The Art and Obsession of Tappan Adney
Our Price: $35.00

John Jennings
The art of building Native bark canoes might have been lost were it not for the obsessive effort of Edwin Tappan Adney. Using precise calculations and notes made during interviews with Native builders, Adney built precise 1 to 5 scale models of Native and fur trade bark canoes using authentic materials and traditional techniques. Each model is accurate to the finest details: how the bark is sewn and sealed, rib and sheathing assembly, gunwale lashing and decoration. The Mariners' Museum collection is presented here with captions explaining the source, building techniques and materials used for each canoe.
152pp, Hardcover, 2004.
Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History
Our Price: $44.95

This gorgeous oversize hardcover book celebrates the natural and human sagas of our signature waterway in hundreds of photos, maps and illustrations. Entertaining and insightful, Lake Champlain is destined to be a must-read for the 2009 quadricentennial and beyond.
Foreword by Senator Patrick Leahy.
Contributions by Christopher Shaw, Tom Henry, Laura Hollowell, William A. Haviland and John G. Crock, Russell Bellico, Ginger Gellman and Scott A. McLaughlin, and Mark Bushnell.

220 pp. Hardcover