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How To Read a Nautical Chart : A Captain's Quick Guide (Captain's Quick Guides)
Our Price: $8.95

Your quick-reference, on-board guide to the symbology and shorthand notations used on nautical charts.    Nigel Calder, one of today's most respected boating authors, helps you make sense complex system of signs, symbols, and graphic elements with this compact, waterproof, and nearly indestructible guide.
Elements of Seamanship
Our Price: $12.95

By Roger C. Taylor

Since it was first published, more than 25 years ago, The Elements of Seamanship by Roger C. Taylor, has been read and re-read by thousands of beginner and experienced boaters alike. Now it can be read again in this new updated and expanded edition. The book is a no-nonsense, straightforward and witty explanation of the practical sea sense gained by the author in his more than 70 years at sea. The 128-page paperback contains five simple chapters, a series of appendixes, a bibliography and an index. This new Third Edition includes the appendix "Keeping a Civil Tongue at Sea" which was in the original hardcover edition. 111pp. Softcover, 2009.
Lake George Boaters Guide
Our Price: $15.00

Written by Scott A. Padeni

In this must-have guide, USCG Licensed Captain Scott Padeni makes his experience and expertise available to all those who enjoy boating activities on the lake. Some, 10,000 boats are registered on Lake George, and many tens of thousands more being their watercraft to Lake George each year. With so many watercraft of all kinds on the lake, this comprehensive guide is a valuable resource that every boat and boater needs. Along with loads of valuable information and easy-to-use maps for safely navigating the 32-mile-long lake, The Essential 2012 Lake George Boaters Guide includes geology and history, rules and regulations, the locations of public and private launches, docks, marinas, lakeside attractions, fish and wildlife species, campgrounds, rentals, emergency services and more- everything a boater needs to know to enjoy the lake to its fullest-while staying out of trouble!

Softcover, 223 pages, 2012.
Marlinspike Sailor
Our Price: $17.95

By Hervey Garrett Smith

A must-have for anyone interested in learning knots, splices, seizing. Full of wonderful illustrations of traditional ropework, this is the classic reference for the sailor’s arts in natural or synthetic rope.  Also contains numerous rope projects, such as rope mats, ditty bag, fenders, deck bucket, water jug, and rope ladder.

131pp. Softcover 1993
Know Your Boat
Our Price: $18.95

By David Kroenke

Very clear with plenty of easy to follow drawings and schematics, this book explains basic troubleshooting and repairs procedures for boat engine, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration and steering systems.

260 pp. Softcover. 2002
The Nature of Boats
Our Price: $22.95

By Dave Gerr

In the clear, friendly, nontechnical style that has made his column for Offshore magazine so enduring and popular, Dave Gerr explains everything from how thick a hull should be to why one sailboat tips less than another, from choosing an engine to designing a rig for your trawler yacht, from building a dinghy to simple rules of thumb for dozens of design quandaries. The Nature of Boats is a browser's reference to understanding how boats tick: all you've ever wanted to know about boats--power and sail, racer and cruiser; dinghy and motoryacht. 406pp. Softcover, 1995.
Sailmaker's Apprentice
Our Price: $24.95

Emiliano Marino; Illustrated by Christine Erikson
More than a how-to-guide on designing, making, repairing and improving sails, The Sailmaker’s Apprentice combines 700 detailed drawings with a witty, wise and philosophically probing commentary that is as much about living a life of self-reliance and harmony as it is about making sails. This book is a visual feast for the sailor as well as an indispensable guide for the mariner. 494pp. Softcover, 2001.
The Dory Book
Our Price: $25.95

By John Gardner

The dory has long fascinated boat lovers. Of the simplest design, built from the most common materials, the dory has the ability to handle the most demanding tasks. This book is the most comprehensive book on dories ever published. More than a decade in the making, it is at once a history of the dory, a practical handbook on how to build a dory, and a compendium of dory designs with full construction details.

275pp.  Softcover.  1987
The Old Outboard Book
Our Price: $26.00

By Peter Hunn

Antique outboard motors have a mystique much like vintage cars, and they're much more affordable. Plus, once restored, they can be put to good use again, providing power for putt-putting around, fishing, waterskiing, or even racing.

The Old Outboard Book by Peter Hunn tells the story of the outboard motor, from the earliest days near the end of the nineteenth century through the dawn of the modern outboard era in the 1960s. Virtually every outboard motor ever built is here: Caille, Champion, Evinrude, Flambeau, Johnson, Martin, Mercury, Scott-Atwater, Waterwitch--the Big List chapter covers them all. The book also includes comprehensive oil-mix and spark plug charts for most old outboards. 299pp. Softcover, 2002.

The third edition of this classic continues the story of the outboard motor, extending the coverage of U.S. and Canadian motors up to the mid-1970s and adding motors from Australia and Great Britain. In addition, the pricing and rarity guide and the complete model-year list have been updated.
Practical Boat Mechanics
Our Price: $26.95

Practical Boat Mechanics: Commonsense Ways to Prevent, Diagnose, and Repair Engine and Mechanical Problems
Ben L. Evridge
Whether your engine is diesel or gasoline, this book will provide the information you need to keep it running smoothly, diagnose problems, make or commission necessary repairs, and devise emergency fixes at sea. 305pp. Softcover, 2009.