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Common Butterflies of New England
Our Price: $7.95

This folding guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know: 62 butterfly species, both common and exotic, found in NewEngland; Indestructible lamination - water and beachproof.
Raptors of Eastern North America
Our Price: $7.95

This folding guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know: 27 species of eagles, hawks, falcons, kites, vultures, and harriers- both common and exotic- found east of the Rockies; and indestructible waterproof lamination.
Night Sky Guide
Our Price: $7.95

This folding guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know: Detailed instructions on the use of night sky charts, perfect of the beginner; Includes 4 seasonal night sky charts (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), showing all major constellations, asterisms, nebula, and other objects visible with the naked eye; Indestructible dewproof lamination.
Land Mammals of the Northeast
Our Price: $7.95

This folding guide gives you instant access to just what you need to know:

Range includes: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota; 44 species covered in detail, both common and exotic; Includes track illustrations, complete with dimensions; indestructible waterproof lamination.
Vermont Hiking
Our Price: $8.95

By Jacqueline Tourville

Vermont Hiking is a 70-page compact guide covering Vermont’s best hiking spots — including the Green Mountains, Northeast Kingdom, and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail — perfect for hikers looking for scenic, back-country trails. Hiker and travel columnist Jacqueline Tourville offers her firsthand advice on what sights are must-sees, and sightseeing highlight maps make planning your time easy. Hiking descriptions include distance, estimated hiking time, and ratings for difficulty, as well as easy-to-follow maps and clear driving directions that lead to a hiker's sanctuary. 89pp. Softcover, 2010.
Vermont Biking
Our Price: $8.95

By Chris Bernard

Vermont Biking is a 60-page compact guide covering Vermont's best biking trails, including the Bethel-Randolph Beast, Mascoma Lake Rail Trail, and Glacial Lakes Longabout. Experienced biker Chris Bernard provides readers with easy-to-follow maps, bike safety tips, an essential gear list, and information on bike repair and maintenance. Whether you're in search of a family-friendly trail or an overnight trek for experienced riders, you'll find the best biking routes with Bernard as your guide. 82pp. Softcover, 2010.
Dichotomous Key to the Common Fishes of Lake Champlain
Our Price: $9.98

Written by Matt Witten.
This softcover book is a fun and easy way to identify and discover the fishes of Lake Champlain. It offers a step-by-step way to determine which family, genus or species of fish one is looking at, plus a little information about each fish's characteristics, behavior and habitat. The book measures 5 by 8 inches.
1996, 28 pages, softcover
The Stars: A New Way to See Them
Our Price: $11.99

H. A. Ray
The Stars provides youth readers as well as adults an excellent introduction to the sky. The author has drawn the guide lines between the stars in a con- stellation to indicate the shape which the name suggests. A study of the skies with this book in hand will be a delightful and long-remembered experience.
160pp. Softcover, 2008.
Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain
Our Price: $14.95

By Daniel Lusk
In this new collection of poems, Vermont poet Daniel Lusk ponders the lake region's storied prehistory, recalls maritime tragedies, and evokes underwater mysteries and ancient lore in language meant to enrich the experience of readers of poetry as well as of those familiar with the dramatic beauty of Lake Champlain. Richly illustrated with color photos, the poems are imaginative works that derive their veracity from archival and published works by historians, archeologists, marine biologists and other scientists.

The book is the product of the poet's two-year research and writing project, funded by grants from the Vermont Arts Endowment and the University of Vermont, and supported by LCMM.

96pp. Softcover. 2011.

NEW! Poet Daniel Lusk reads 19 of his poems on the audiobook Inland Sea: Reflections.
Eyewitness Books: Fish
Our Price: $15.99

Discover the amazing world of fish: how they evolved, how they live and their weird and wonderful habits.  Excellently organized, extremely clear, and with incredible illustrations, this is a book to treasure.

67 pp. Hardcover.